CDG Policy Forum: Zoom Q&A On 'Flexible Working' With Disability Rights Campaigner, Celia Hensman

Wednesday, 17th June 2020
7.00pm - 8.00pm

Celia Hensman is a member of the Conservative Disability Group, a Manager in the Conservative Party and is also a Young Conservatives Chairman. Celia has been campaigning and working to improve disability rights since she was 16 years old, including being part of Parliamentary Select Committees and various charities. Celia herself as Loeys Dietz Syndrome and has experienced first hand the challenges of working in politics with a disability, this has not prevented her and many others from achieving their goals.  

Celia will be leading the discussion and answering questions from CDG members about how do we make 'flexible working' work more effectively for disabled people, businesses, other employers and organisations?

Celia has recorded this short video exclusively for the CDG in advance of the event taking place.

What additional support and advice should we give to employers?

How can we better utilise the opportunities of 'flexible working' to reduce the disability employment gap and improve our nation's overall productivity?

How should we use the opportunities presented by 'flexible working' as a gateway to support employers to recruit more talented disabled people into their work-forces?

What reasonable adjustments would 'flexible working' incorporate?

How do we better promote, expand and simplify the 'Access to Work' scheme?

What examples are there of good employers, businesses, organisations already recognising the value of disabled employees to their success and progress?

How can we make 'flexible working' more flexible and incentivise employers to do so?

These and many more questions will be discussed for what it set to be an interesting and wide-ranging discussion.

Please note this zoom discussion is for CDG Members only. To register your participation please do so via our contacts page.