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One of the foundational principles of Conservatism is that we believe in opportunity for all, seeking to support every person in Britain to reach their full potential. This aspect of Conservatism has a particular resonance for disabled people, who can face barriers to using their skills and talents in the workplace, in society and in the public square. The Conservative Disability Group seeks to help the Conservative party break down those barriers, both internally and externally, by making the Conservative party inclusive for disabled people and bringing forward the experiences of our disabled members to inform national policy.

We believe that creating an inclusive party and an inclusive country demands the commitment of all people, whether disabled or not. That is why we welcome all Conservative party members to join us to work together towards this goal.

If you share our aims please sign up to the CDG today and download our membership form and send to

Please note to join the CDG individuals must also be members of the UK Conservative Party and/or the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, and/or the Welsh Conservative Party/Plaid Geidwadol Cymru. 




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