Making Life Better For Disabled People

As Parliament rises for its Summer recess, Chairman of the CDG, Peter Hand reflects on some of the recent achievements of the Conservative Government to improve the lives of disabled people and their families.

Strong CDG Team Elected At AGM

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the CDG a strong team was elected by the membership to take the CDG forward over the next 12 months. 

Zac Goldsmith’s pledge to disabled Londoners

We all remember the 2012 Paralympics and Olympic games, but the thing that remains with me was the unstoppable spirit of the Paralympians who broke new ground in disability awareness.

Closing the employment gap and supporting carers in Scotland

After suffering from a brain tumour in 2011, which left me disabled, the rights of disabled people are never far from my mind. Fortunately for me, the tumour itself was treated and disappeared, but I was left with paralysis down my left leg and so I have first-hand understanding of the problems we face.

Mind the Gap – employment and disability

Thank you to everybody who came to the Ismaili Centre in South Kensington for our Sixth Disability Colloquium, entitled “Closing the disability employment gap”. Here is a taste of what our guest speakers had to say...


Our AGM, Thursday 20th March at 1 pm. Committee Room 13, House of Commons