Karim Sacoor - Deputy President & Executive Member

Karim Sacoor is a former Chairman of the CDG and is a member of the Executive Committee. He is a businessman and is married with two children. His son is severely autistic, with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.

From  the challenges he has faced and experience and knowledge that he has gained, Karim has become an avid social entrepreneur who is passionately dedicated towards assisting people from all communities of every background. Karim devotes a considerable amount of time to providing assistance, guidance and direction to families from across the UK with members who have special needs and/or are disabled.

He proactively mitigates the challenges that they may face as a consequence of direct or indirect discrimination, he emphasises the importance of maintaining dignity to the lives of people with special needs and disability. He endeavours to advance awareness of the prevailing provision of services.

He vehemently believes that it is of the essence that we create an enabling environment to influence policy development.

Karim’s ethical underpinnings are driven by his commitment to value pluralism and tolerance, promoting the benefits of a cosmopolitan society that encourages such culture as well as social justice, education and lifelong learning.

See Also

Peter Hand - Chairman

Peter Hand was elected the Chairman of the CDG in March 2018 and works in partnership with the Executive and others to help make the Conservative Party even more inclusive for disabled people.

Barry Ginley - Deputy Chairman

Barry Ginley was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the CDG in March 2018, having been on the executive for the past eight years.

David Tiptaft CBE - Treasurer & Deputy-President

David Tiptaft CBE is a long standing Executive Member of the CDG Executive and is the Treasurer. David has held a variety of senior positions in the voluntary party. He is a Chartered Accountant and is the present principal of Tiptaft, Smith Co based in Mexborough South Yorkshire.

Michael Dunlop - Deputy-President & Executive Member

Michael Dunlop is a long serving Executive Member of CDG. He first became exhibition organiser at both national and regional conferences and raised the profile of CDG. He was elected as Deputy Chairman and then Director.

Sally Elliot - Executive Member

During the 1980s Sally founded, wrote the Constitution and secured the approval of the Charity Commissioners for AGE CONCERN FERNDOWN & DISTRICT, which is still functioning with two separate day time clubs for the elderly with lunch and entertainment.

Kay Carter - Executive Member

Kay Carter is a former Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the CDG and is a managing trustee of Wave, an organisation that creates opportunities for people with and without learning disabilities to work and socialise together.

Alison Crook - Executive Member (Membership)

Alison Crook has lived in Bedfordshire for 22 years, the last 7 of those in Bedford Town. She is married to Richard and has two children, both daughters. Alison was born to profoundly Deaf parents that used British Sign Language as their first language.

John Howard - Executive Member (Communications)

John Howard has sat on the CDG Executive for around six years and in March 2018 was re-elected with responsibility for Communications. In 2018 John welcomed his first granddaughter to his family, adding to his already four grandsons.

Jonathan Andrews BCA - Executive Member

Jonathan is a trustee of national autism charity Ambitious about Autism, which runs Treehouse school and other autism-friendly schools, while holding down a job as a trainee solicitor.