Ability2Win & Disability Toolkit

The Disability Toolkit 

The Conservative Disability Group are delighted to announce the availability of the Conservative Party Toolkit on ‘Being a Councillor with a Disability: Guidance for Councillors, Candidates and Local Associations,’ available to all Party members. 

The toolkit is a ‘two-in-one’ guide is aimed at both potential candidates and associations. It contains a practical overview of:

  • The role of a councillor
  • The steps required to become a Conservative candidate and councillor
  • The specific difficulties disabled applicants may face
  • Support available to you as a candidate or an Association

It also provides information for associations as to how disabled candidates can be better attracted to stand for council positions, as well as association positions (e.g. officer posts).

Although this guide is focused on councillor selections, much of the advice and guidance contained within can equally be applied to Parliamentary, Devolved Assembly, and Police and Crime Commissioner candidate selections. If you are interested in standing for an elected position, or an association or councillor looking to increase disability inclusion, this toolkit is for you.

To request a copy of the toolkit for either yourself or your Conservative Association, please get in touch with us using the contact form located on our website. 


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