The National Disability Strategy

The Conservative Party Manifesto for the 2019 General Election made the following commitment: 'We want to transform the lives of disabled people, ensuring they have access to opportunities and are able to achieve their potential.

CDG Influence

The CDG's diverse membership from the across the country, network of Parliamentary supporters, and engagement with various organisations and individuals means we have achieved some successes in influencing the Conservative Party in Government.

CDG Policy Forum

The Conservative Disability Group has established a 'CDG CPF Group' and is officially recognised by the Conservative Policy Forum. The CPF is the party's grassroots-led think tank that bridges the gap between members and ministers.

CDG Accessible Politics

The CDG's 'Accessible Politics' project aims to see more disabled people involved in the Conservative Party, selected to stand for public office, and elected as local Councillors, MPs and to the devolved Parliaments as Members of the Senedd and MSPs.