CDG Influence

The CDG's diverse membership from the across the country, network of Parliamentary supporters, and engagement with various organisations and individuals means we have achieved some successes in influencing the Conservative Party in Government. Our ability to influence is based on the insight and experiences of our members, and their understanding and experiences of disabled people and their families and carers.

Our engagement with Government Ministers and the Conservative Party is rooted in our principles & values as an organisation. Our approach is based on a Conservative philosophy as to the empowerment of disabled people. Believing everyone should have the freedoms, opportunities and support, to live their lives, in the way they choose. We work to further these goals in our Party, Government and Society. 

Peter Hand - Chairman, CDG

Among those areas where we have focused our efforts and achieved results and influence are the following:

  • British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters At Daily Press Briefings - We campaigned successfully to see BSL interpretation provision available for the D/deaf and hearing impairment community at the daily press briefings at Number 10 Downing Street.   
  • Disability Focused Recommendations Following The Pickles' Review - We called for changes to be made following the 2017 General Election leading to a number of disability focused recommendations in the Pickles' Review, to provide us with leverage as we campaign for change.   
  • Accessible Versions of the Conservative Party Manifesto 2019 General Election - We saw accessible versions of the 2019 Conservative Party Manifesto in the General Election after engaging with MPs and the Party calling for this to happen. 
  • The National Disability Strategy - We engaged with our network of Parliamentary Supporters and Ministers on the contents of the Party's Manifesto for the 2019 General Election and saw many disability focused commitments, including a pledge to create a new National Disability Strategy.
  • Greater Recognition For The Power of the Purple Pound - We called for a greater recognition as to the spending power of disabled consumers through our report, the Power of the Purple Pound, which led to a much higher profile for the initiative. 
  • Calling For Renewed Focus On Reducing The Use of Assessment & Treatment Units (ATUs) - We met with Government Ministers calling for a renewed focus on government efforts to reduce the numbers of people with Learning Disabilities and/or who are Autistic in ATUs. 
  • Making the Conservative More Inclusive Through Our Accessible Politics Project - We continue to make progress on our 'Accessible Politics' project to see more disabled people involved in the Conservative Party and supported to be selected for, and elected to, public office.
  • CDG CPF Group - We established our officially recognised CDG CPF Group as an additional tool with which to engage with the Conservative Party in Government and our growing network of Parliamentary supporters.  
  • Strengthening Our Network of Parliamentary Champions - We continue to grow our network of 'Parliamentary Champions' with support from Parliamentarians across Great Britain.  

We intend to build on these achievements to continue to make progress on the issues which concern disabled people and their families and carers, and ensure that our membership and influence continues to grow, combined with new and regular events, to help strengthen our ability to have even more influence as a group.

Please visit our 'Latest News' pages to find out more about our campaigns or make contact with the team with your suggestions.