About Us

Principles & Values. Our approach is based on a Conservative philosophy as to the empowerment of disabled people. Believing everyone should have the freedoms, opportunities and support, to live their lives, in the way they choose. We work to further these goals in our Party, Government and Society. If you share this vision. Join us. 

Baroness Emma Nicholson addresses the CDG's 2018 Annual Colloquium event in Parliament

The CDG is an independent organisation made up of UK Conservative Party members who want to see a more inclusive society for disabled people.

We aim to create a bridge between the Conservative Party and the disability sector and the wider disability community — supporting disabled people to inform policy, and promoting a better understanding of the Conservative approach to disability issues. An approach which believes in individual choice, opportunity for all, freedom and community.

Leadership - The leadership of the CDG compromises of an Executive elected every year from our membership. To find out more about the team, including our President The Rt. Hon. Maria Miller MP & Parliamentary Champion Paul Bristow MP, click here. The Minister for Disabled People, Health & Work - Justin Tomlinson MP - attended our AGM in early March 2020 and participated in a 'Q&A' with our members.

What We Do: 

  • Colloquium - Every year we hold our Colloquium event with representatives from across the disability and charity sectors, Parliamentarians, Councillors, Party members and many others on a key issue of public policy. Following the 2019 General Election and the uncertainty due to Covid19, the Colloquium will most likely take place in the Autumn of 2020. It will focus on the Manifesto commitment to produce a new 'National Disability Strategy.' 
  • Annual Party Conference - In September 2018 the CDG hosted a fringe event at the annual Conservative Party Conference, Birmingham. The fringe focused on 'How do we make society more inclusive for people with hidden disabilities?' More information here. At the 2019 Conference in Manchester, the CDG's fringe focused on Tourism & Hospitality 'How do we make the UK the world's most accessible tourist destination for disabled people?' More information here. 

    We are working with the party on a number of initiatives as part of our 'Accessible Politics' Project to improve the overall accessibility of the Conference. 

The CDG also supports our colleagues in the 'Scottish Conservative Disability Group (SCDG)' - led by Jeremy Balfour MSP - and participated in the SCDG fringe at the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party Conference in Aberdeen in May 2019 on employment opportunities for disabled people.

We also work closely with Mark Isherwood MS/AS, Shadow Minister for Communities & Local Government, for the Welsh Conservative Party in the Senedd.

Join Us - Our membership is growing rapidly with new members from across the country and if you would like to join the organisation and contribute to our success, please download a form from the Membership section.

Please note to join the CDG individuals must also be members of the UK Conservative Party and/or the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, and/or the Welsh Conservative Party/Plaid Geidwadol Cymru.